If you include one of our unique coupon codes on your card, we will automatically track the  amount you have spent on postcards and total revenue generated from your postcards. We then use this data to calculate the ROAS for your postcard campaign. All 3 of these metrics will be displayed on your dashboard inside of your Touchcard account.

If you're using a static discount from Shopify or somewhere else you can still calculate ROAS by following these steps.

  1. Log into the Touchcard app
  2. Click on the dashboard and note the amount on the "Realized ad spend" tile
  3. Find out what total revenue from your campaign is (Can be done from the Shopify discounts section if you're using a static Shopify coupon)
  4. Divide revenue by ad spend and multiply by 100 for ROAS represented as a percentage ((total revenue / ad spend) X 100)