Touchcard postcards can include discount codes in two distinct ways. The method preferred by most Touchcard customers is to let the app automatically generate a discount code that gets printed on every postcard.

This type of discount code is advantageous because:

  • Each discount code can only be redeemed once.
  • Each discount code has an expiration date, which adds urgency and increases conversion rates.
  • Redemptions and ROAS are automatically tracked by the Touchcard application.
10% off coupon


This type of discount only needs to be set up once. After that every postcard sent to a customer automatically gets a unique discount code. Every code generated also gets registered with Shopify and can be viewed in the Discounts menu of your admin panel.

To set this up:

  1. Log into the Touchcard App
  2. Click 'Campaigns'
  3. Click on the 'Campaign name' to edit the campaign
  4. Scroll down to the design section and check the 'Include expiring discount' checkbox is ticked for the front, back or for both sides of your design.
  5. Set your Coupon Percentage and expiration (we recommend 15-25%)
  6. Drag the coupon to a place on the card where it’s visible\
  7. Click the 'Save changes' button

That’s it. Any postcard you send from this campaign will automatically include a unique discount coupon.

Note: There are some limitations with this type of coupon. At the moment it can only be a Percentage Discount (% OFF) coupon. If you want to have a coupon that supports free shipping or a Fixed Amount Discount ($ OFF), then you can use the method below:

  1. Create a coupon in the Shopify Discounts panel. Make sure not to include any restrictions such as expiration dates or usage limits.
  2. Include the coupon in your Postcard design. This way every postcard will have the same discount coupon printed on it.